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Playing games online can relieve stress after a long hard day at school or work. The benefits of playing games online are that you don’t have to download them, which makes them quick and easy to play, they are usually simple games that can help take your mind off things that are bothering you. They can also inspire you or help you solve a problem you have been thinking about. Below are a list and reviews of some free games I like to play online in my spare time. I usually play these to help me relax.


11×11 BLOXX is an excellent game to play if you are bored, stressed out, or angry. It’s a simple game to help you take your mind off things. It’s really easy to play and the nice colors and background music make it suitable for children aged 3 and above. The only downside to this game is that if you are using a laptop mouse pad then it could be difficult to put the BLOXX where you actually want them to go. You can simply solve this issue by using a mouse. (If you do not have one you can get one for cheap here) However I did not use a mouse and that did not stop me from enjoying the game.

Play 11X11 BLOXX here (edit the here and make a link to 11×11 bloxx)


Up Hill Racing 2 is a fun and slightly addictive game that is sure to keep boredom away, you can do fun flips with an outrageously modded monster truck. The aim of the game is to get as far as you can controlling the monster truck while you collect coins on the way. These coins help you with upgrading the monster truck. The key to getting a far distance in Uphill Racing 2 is to make sure you upgrade your stability and tires then focus on your fuel and engine first.

Play UPHILL RACING 2 here (edit the here and make a link to uphill racing 2)


Bubble Shooter is a simple bubble popping game that is free, fun and easy to play. Bubble shooter is a classic game that you can play without having to download, and you play by simply popping bubbles when there are three or more of the same color. Perfect for when you want to get into a game quickly and also if you want to relax and take your mind off stress.

Play BUBBLE SHOOTER HD here (edit the here and make a link to bubble shooter hd)


Temple Jewels Topic/Idea 4

Temple Jewels is a fun, fast and surprisingly relaxing match-3 game. Temple Jewels is easy to play and the levels consist of either hexagon triangle or square tiles. It can be quite addictive to play and the background music is quite soothing. There is a time limit in Temple Jewels, so make sure to complete the game quickly to get even higher scores. Once time runs out, the game is over play again to beat your highscore. My current highscore is 54430, see if you can beat it and comment below and let me know your highest score.

Play TEMPLE JEWELS here (edit the here and make a link to Temple Jewels)

These games are great to play when you want to quickly beat boredom, they are also quick to play because you don’t need to download them to play.





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